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Loan by promissory note without collateral

Skelbimo nr. 63277, įdėtas: 2023-03-17 · Perskaitė: 256

Short-term loans without collateral are suitable for meeting various needs - to cover unforeseen expenses, to purchase goods, to travel, to satisfy hobbies, etc.
The size of the emergency loan is between €100 and €15,000. The shortest loan term is 15 days, the maximum term is up to 24 months.
• The applicant for a free online loan must be at least 18 years old and not older than 60 years old.
• An application for a loan with an amount greater than €30,000 can only be submitted online.
• Citizens of the Republic of Lithuania or persons with a permanent residence permit in Lithuania can receive the loan.
Whatsapp: +33745592638

Kaina: 100 EUR